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Jo Ann Kargus

Jo Ann Kargus photoJo Ann Kargus has been a commercial artist/illustrator in St. Louis for over 32 years, but she has drawn her whole life. For her clients, her work ranges from quick marker sketches to photo realistic renderings. She has also painted commissioned portraits and murals that are on display throughout the city. “I have always been thankful that I have been able to make a living as an artist.” Her coloring book St. Louis Splendor, debuted September 15th.

Jo Ann’s drawings for St. Louis Splendor are all hand-drawn from her own reference. She features architectural details of each subject, but simplifies the overall drawing into a pleasant composition. She admits it was hard to choose only 50 landmarks for the book. “I love perspective and architecture, and I think of my coloring book drawings as ‘fun realism.’ These 50 drawings let people color and create art without the panic of looking at a blank sheet of paper and not knowing where to start. I hope people get enjoyment from coloring my illustrations – whether it just relaxes them or they really like how their end product turned out.”

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David Coblitz

David Coblitz photoDavid Coblitz provides photographic products & services for interior designers that enhance their business & offerings.  His specialty is Evidence Based Design (EBD) artwork (healing art) designed to relieve stress & pain for patients & staff in medical facilities. He also creates “functional art,” which is targeted, artistic messaging for commercial facilities. In addition he aids interior designers and architects by showcasing their results through quality, affordable photography in difficult situations.

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Contact David at or 314.607.5232.

Marian Steen

Marian Steen photoMarian’s work is the equivalent of keeping a visual art diary. She creates paintings that convey hope, and beauty through the interplay between color, line, and texture. She accomplishes that by combining watercolor & acrylic paint with collage pieces & string, along with stamping techniques.

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Fraser Leonard

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Fraser Leonard is a prolific full-time artist with over 50 years of creative experience. His works are influenced by nature and a positive attitude towards the environment and mankind.

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wine_header Visit Fraser’s gallery located at
3611 Schutzen Street
New Melle, MO 63365


Sonny Coen

Sonny Coen is an experienced, professional artist who studied commercial art and interior design at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  He was also educated at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in the areas of advertising and commercial art.  He is the owner and painter at Mural Master, located in St. Charles County, just west of St. Louis, Missouri.

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Keidra Pelloquin

Watch live streaming video from stlouisan at

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Ron Hauser

“The Canvas Cowboy” – Painting for a purpose

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Angela Perry

Angela is a manager & working artist at City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri

A message from the artist:
While creating one day I ran out of paper and sitting next to me on the floor was a piece of knotty pine. I picked it up and I began to create and that’s how my Whimsy Woods got its start. I love the way wood grains tell a story about its life so I incorporate the beauty into my art. I create because it’s a way for me to release my deep fears and my extreme happiness for things I already know and for things I cannot yet know in this lifetime.

In my paintings I hide a Styrofoam cup because I feel no matter how many people clean our world to make it beautiful there will always be others to litter it with  filth, hatred,and a general discontent for life.

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